Although it’s not officially Valentine’s Day yet, we can positively say we are feeling the love in the air. Our team members (mostly men!) are slowly starting to prepare gifts and surprises for their ladies. Who knew they were such hopeless romantics?! ❤

It’s truly a magical week here, at the Themes Kingdom office.

Since we are feeling the Valentine’s Day spirit, we wanted to spread the love a bit more and encourage you to start doing something you love ー becoming a blogger, an e-commerce website owner or an artist whose design is reaching the eyes of people all around the world.

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To make sure you chose the right WordPress theme for your future small business, we are going to mention three of our themes we are in love with since the moment we first launched them.

Here are the themes that stole our hearts:


Eris is one of our first themes, created for blog and portfolio websites.

The reason why we love Eris so much is the fact that this theme put the foundation of our design. We moved onto creating design elements and theme content that is simpler yet so effective and elegant.

So, why should you give Eris a chance?

Well, the first reason is the sleek and stylish image slider on the homepage.

The second reason is the category section just below the slider. We wanted to make sure that the visitors see all your work/blog posts as soon as they come to your site. You can choose how you would like to display the content ー in a two, three or four-column layout. In the Eris demo, we decided to go with a two-column layout.

The one thing that will catch you by surprise is the three-dot menu icon in the right, the top part of the theme. Just click on it. Just click it.

Goodz Shop

Goodz Shop is one of our first e-commerce themes, which is perfect for a variety of online shops. The reason why it’s one of our favorites is the fact that it is the first theme that brought a modern-day touch to an e-commerce website, combining beautiful design with flexibility and flawless functionalities.

The first thing you’ll see when you visit a demo is a homepage that consists of sections, which you can move and customize. There is also a simple, almost shy slider, glued to the main, largest section on the homepage.

Next, we would advise you to check the Shop page. This storefront page will adjust to your needs, offering you multiple layout options. So, if you have a number of products you want to display, you might want to switch to a grid layout with six rows. In addition to all of this, the product page offers a clean-cut way to display a product ー there’s no background color that can mess up the shades of your goodz, just a white canvas that will let your product speak for itself.

Goodz Shop is an e-commerce theme that will wow your customers with a fantastic shopping experience.

Coup Lite

The third we are entirely in love with is Coup Lite, one of our free themes, built for portfolio websites.

Now, just because this theme is “on the house”, it doesn’t mean it is less feature-filled than the previously mentioned ones. Just the opposite ー we made Coup Lite free because we like to share excellent stuff with you.

So, what makes this WordPress theme so unique? Well, a couple of things.

For starters, the first thing you’ll see when you check out the demo is the menu bar in the top left corner and a list of categories on the right. These categories allow you to classify your work the way you prefer. Once you scroll down, all your work magically appears on the screen. The feature that will, undoubtedly, surprise you is the hover over effect on these posts. The Read More underlined text appears so seamlessly!

When we were creating Coup Lite, we stuck to one rule ー keep it polished and straightforward, and that is why so many users loved it.

What Are Your Plans for Valentine’s Day?

We are sure you have already planned something out, if not with your Valentine then with your closest friends. No matter what you decided to do, we hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Themes Kingdom Valentine's Day Meme

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Now, we really have to go and google some ideas for Valentine’s Day presents. Pinterest always saves the day!

You know we love you.

Themes Kingdom team