See Millennio, new WordPress theme that’s coming up soon. Hopefully it’ll be finished in the next few weeks. Here’s a sneak peak of our progress so far:

Millenio will be available as a single purchase, or as part of our annual and lifetime subscriptions.


14 thoughts on “ What we’re working on: Millennio ”

  1. Some thoughts:-

    Is there room for a larger title? A single ‘M’ (or whatever letter) isn’t enough for me.

    And room for a strap line?

    Is the search in the top menu customisable to ‘products’ only?

    1. Hello David, thank you for your questions!
      There will be room for a larger logo – it can be up to 220px wide.
      Additionally, you are able to have a site description under your logo which can also be up to 220px wide.
      And when it comes to the search in the top menu, it is customisable to products only.

    1. More of the “niceness” and “cleanliness” coming soon 🙂
      Thanks, wishing you too a great 2018!

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