Over the past seven years we have spent creating premium WordPress themes we learned that there is more to designing a theme perfectly and having a flawless code.

Our themes are created by the people for the people. More precisely, for bloggers-to-be, developers and their clients, designers, restaurant owners. Anyone who is looking to develop their business or show off their work.

We were fortunate enough to meet (or e-meet) the people that trusted us and our themes. One of those people is Pose Radu, a talented, driven, imaginative innovator and a Senior Art Director at Brandon Archibald. Pose has over eight years of experience in working with brands and in advertising. He partnered up with major names like Game of Thrones HBO, Esquire Magazine, British American Tobacco, as well as agencies like Cohn & Jansen JWT, DDB, and Storience. Themes Kingdom team had a chance to e-meet him when we helped him customize his portfolio website Madebypose.com.

Working with Pose was such a joyful, loving experience. Pose is a man you can learn a lot from. That is why, for this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to present you this multidisciplinary artist with whom we loved working.

No more stalling, let’s get to actual questions and answers.

TK: Hi, Pose! We would like to thank you for agreeing to do this interview for Themes Kingdom blog. Before we get to the projects you have done and are currently working on, we would like for our blog readers to get to know you a bit better. Who is Pose Radu and how did he get into the world of design?

Pose: Hello to you and the readers.

Well, I was always in design. As a kid, I designed on a daily basis. Back in those days in Romania, you had no toys to play with, so you had to improvise and imagine a lot of things and scenarios. For example, a piece of rock was a football. Old newspapers were the sheets I could draw on. I drew and designed to escape into the world that showed me how beautiful things can be. Even then, the most important part of designing for me was the power of making a story out of nothing. It is the most creative and exciting exercise I did and still do, ‘till this day.

TK: Do you remember the beginnings and working on your first project? How did you feel?

Pose: I don’t remember my first first project. But, I’ll mention my first project as an Art Director.

It was an illustration I did for Saving Tibet from the oppression of the Government of China.

Doing that project was a really intense feeling. I approached the project from an acting perspective, so I tried to feel what it is like to be in a Chinese prison. I took long cold showers, I was trying sleep deprivation techniques, etc. The final illustration was made with 0,3mm pencils on a 1m square canvas so I could feel the pain of working on something with a lot of details. I presented three Tibetan monks covered in red, wearing high-detailed costumes, forced to dance in a Chinese communist manner. It took a month of daily work. It was my first featured project on Behance and it was printed in the Awareness book for Saving Tibet which gathered funds for this cause.

TK: Wow, it sounds like you are really immersing yourself in the projects you do. From what we can tell, designing is not just “a job” for you, it’s a way you see and feel things that are around you. So, what do you think is the one thing that makes your work recognizable and authentic? Additionally, is there any difference between the work you did five years ago and the projects you are doing now?

Pose: I always, always, put the story first and the craft second. I have a rule, and that is asking myself Does the project spread a message? Is the project about the concept, the strategy or mood, etc? After I answered all these questions and I feel like I have a story on it, is when I move onto expressing myself graphically. However, if none of these questions are answered, the project becomes just a cute image that, perhaps, I won’t share because it doesn’t tell a story. When it comes to the difference between the work I did five years ago and what I do now, I can honestly say I do the same things, but now I do them better and faster.

TK: Over the years, you have worked with numerous, major clients such as Coca-Cola,
McDonald’s, Heineken, Evian, etc. as well as agencies (Brandon Archibald, Geometry Global, Graffiti BBDO…). We are sure you have many stories to share. Is there any anecdote you would like TK readers to know about?

Pose: I think that in the time we live in, brands are the main things that we build our lives from and around. It’s not good or bad, it’s just the way it is. It’s like tourism 一 some people think that if they travel the world, they will have a greater understanding of life. I get that feeling when I am working with brands. From my perspective, brands can teach you about life just as much as countries, religions, cultures, personalities can.

TK: We assume that working on so many projects made it hard for you to keep up with everything you have done, both personal and commissioned. When did you decide you need to have your own portfolio website 一 Madebypose.com?

Pose: Yes, it was tough to keep track of what I did. Some of the things I did I can’t even find. I needed a website where I could share what I am working on weekly, so visitors are able to see something new each time they visit. I think that in the world of design it really matters what you are currently doing. And I am referring to the projects a designer does for his/her own portfolio, not for the other brands. If you are a designer, the most important project you can show is the one you are currently working on. It is not too productive to brag about prizes you won 10 years ago or even last year. Things change so fast aesthetically from season to season, and you have to keep up.

TK: How did you hear about Themes Kingdom and our themes? Why did you decide to reach out to us specifically for website customization?

Pose: I googled a LOT of platforms and themes. TK had a good design, and it was very close to the one I wanted. That is why the customized website was very similar to what I envisioned. It was designed intuitively, very smart, so much that it surprised me. The element of surprising a customer is priceless. Many designers forget about this aspect of creation. When it happens, and you surprise a client in a good way, you created pure magic!

TK: What was your experience working with us? Was there anything you didn’t like? Feel free to share all the downsides, we are always open for constructive criticism. (smile)

Pose: There were no real downsides. The themes are very well made, easy to install and to customize. All around, really cool products to use which is what I appreciated. (smile)

TK: What is your favorite part of Madebypose.com?

Pose: The best part of it is the fact that I can always change it and add something new. So, a visitor can see various styles, ideas, check out clients I have partnered with and so on. The site’s structure is a really good guide for that. A visitor can just scroll and see all the work.

TK: Do you plan to add new projects to your online collection? Can you share what projects you are currently working on?

Pose: Yes. Always. At the moment, I am working for the branding of a Copenhagen restaurant, a wine retailer in Ukraine, a new electronic smoking brand, a branding project for a startup company, and will soon upload a new case study for a very, VERY cool project based in the USA. Also, I am working on some personal illustrations. Additionally, I have some cute small side projects I am doing for local clients. All of these projects will be completed by the end of this or the next month.

TK: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Pose: Hmmm, it’s hard to tell. Probably in another country. Doing the same thing for new clients. What I would definitely like is to work with clients that have interesting backgrounds and stories. That really makes my day.

You see? We told you Pose was a man of honor, dedication, and creativity! However, to make sure you really get to know Pose, the last five questions we asked him were a bit more personal. Here’s what he had to say:

TK: What is the one thing you wish you knew before you started designing?

Pose: I wish that the young me would have been more confident in decision making and in himself. I doubted myself too many times. The times I just went for it and didn’t overthink everything I did an outstanding job.

TK: Do you have a favorite project of yours? If so, can you tell our readers what it is about?

Pose: The #Growupnot project was one of my favs. Marina (the Copywriter) and I (as the Art Director) made a series of fake commemorative plaques and put them on cute houses in the center of Bucharest. In the text on each plaque, we mentioned fictional characters from movies we grew up watching. So, on one house it said: Here lives Peter Pan and the years, and who he was, etc. People in Bucharest were amazed and I’m glad I had the opportunity to fascinate them.

TK: What is the one book you would recommend for all aspiring designers to be?

Pose: Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler.

TK: If someone wanted to surprise you, what should they do?

Pose: Do something I have never thought that the person in question can do. I am very intuitive, but I have to admit there were a few situations in which I was blown away by somebody doing something I never saw coming. It can be anything as long as I don’t expect it. Getting paid double for a project is always the best surprise. (smile)

TK: What is the one thing that can always light up your day?

Pose: I know it sounds cheesy, but a smile is always the best thing. At the end of the day, love is what we live for. Love for the work. Being loved. Giving love. It sounds so simple, and it actually is. If you do what you love, then you will feel love every day.

Aaand, that is the end of this interview!

As you had a chance to see, Pose is a humble artist that changes the world illustration by illustration, on a daily basis.

Thank you, Pose, for being so open to our readers and us and for sharing your journey. Themes Kingdom team wishes you the best of luck in your future projects, and we can’t wait to see what new designs you will bring to the world. 🙂

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