Happy New Year, Themes Kingdom fans! 🎉

What were you up to on New Year’s Eve? Have you made some New Year’s resolutions?

We are sure you have.

We have to admit that the whole Themes Kingdom team loves this time of the year. There’s something in the new beginnings that just puts us in the right mood.

However, we don’t want to forget about 2018 just yet. In fact, it might be a good idea to walk down the memory lane for a moment.

In 2018, a lot of good things happened to Themes Kingdom team. We created several themes you guys loved and accomplished all of our goals.

But, the most important thing which we will remember 2018 by is that we didn’t disappoint you. It goes without saying, you showed us just how much you appreciate all that we have done.

So, to celebrate our mutual success, we made a list of Themes Kingdom best sellers for 2018. (Surprisingly enough, all the mentioned themes are built for blog or portfolio sites!)

Let’s start from the bottom:

Note: We didn’t want to bore you with all the features of each and every theme. Instead, we named a few we thought you might like to know about.

Coup 一 a Fifth’s a Charm

Coup is a classical and modern blog/portfolio theme which works amazingly both as a light and a dark WordPress theme.

Its homepage is enriched with a slider which can be set to full-screen (that’s when featured image fills the entire screen) or to display a smaller featured image, headline, and short text.

Once you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see there is a space for post archive. Now, we like to bring in some frenzy when it comes to displaying this type of posts so we gave you two options: you can choose a standard 3-column grid or a shuffle grid which randomly leaves the space between posts.

If you check out the demo, you’ll find that there are also the pages Projects, About, Contact and Follow. Out of all the mentioned ones, About page will definitely stick to you. This is a minimalistic, sophisticated page that puts focus on the text. Nothing like a powerful copy to raise a user’s interest.

Coup Makes Smart Moves…

… and that is the reason why this theme made our best sellers for 2018 list.

What makes Coup that clever? Its ability to recognize pictures you upload to your blog posts. So, if it’s a landscape image, you’ll get a post that is formatted for landscape dimensions. The same thing goes for portrait pictures.

Why Themes Kingdom loves it: Well, if we had to name only one feature it would be the hover over posts on the homepage. We enjoy waiting for Read More text to appear on the left of the post seamlessly.

Veni, a Blog Theme with Attitude

The fourth place went to Veni, the beautifully designed blog theme.

Veni is, so to speak, a combination of both worlds 一 a blog theme that has an online shop to follow it. It has WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce platform, built-in which means that you can set up the online shop in no time.

The first thing you’ll see when you check the demo is the homepage with the slider. Actually, Veni offers two ways to slide content. We’ll leave it up to you to find out what those two ways are.

The second thing that will undoubtedly grab your attention is the menu bar. You can pick between two ways of displaying your navigation links. The first menu fits beneath your logo and is perfectly aligned in the center of the page. The second one pushes your logo to one side and places all your links to the other side of the screen.

Only Clean Content

Now, since this theme is a combo of a blog and a shop we wanted you to have a clean way to display your content. That is why we made sure there is a section with featured pages on the homepage which can bring attention to the 3 articles that are important to you.

Psst! When you hover over these featured posts, you’ll see three dots in a circle appearing. So cute!

Why Themes Kingdom team loves it: Besides the fantastic Shop part, we have to mention the Photo Stories section, which is undeniably our favorite Veni page. It is so polished and elegant 一 it will make all your images pop.

Ippo, Our Bronze Perfection

Ippo is a real blog theme. No matter if we are talking about a fashion, travel or a tech blog. You’ll get the most alluring, clean-cut design. The perfect eye-candy for your visitors.

So, what makes Ippo one of the best sellers for 2018?

Well, the first thing that will sweep you off your feet (and users’, for that matter) is the column layout of the homepage which looks so effortless yet so well-organized. You can choose between 3 or 4 columns in the layout.

However, the star of the show, at least when it comes to the homepage design, is the slider. If you are interested to find out more check out the demo to see what we mean.

Stepping Up the Game

As we mentioned before, we like to give you the option to chose how you want to customize the theme.

Here’s what we mean by that.

We believe that uploading just photos or just text to your blog is kind of boring and so 2000s. Instead, we’d like to give you a shot to be creative and upload different types of content ー you can put up a video, a quote or a link. Whatever you like. As a cherry on top, there’s a clean post design that won’t clog the homepage flow.

Why Themes Kingdom theme loves it: Did you see how the main photo on the homepage lightens up when you scroll down? We are obsessed with that effect!

Deppo and the Silver Medal

Deppo is a well-structured, serious theme, if you will. But, don’t let that scare you. It’s just as customizable as all our other themes.

When you first take a look at Deppo, you’ll see the marvelous homepage.

Now, this homepage has a little secret. It allows you to choose how your photos are going to be presented 一 in fullscreen or boxed content mode. Basically, you get to choose the dimensions of content you prefer.

Although Deppo is more of a minimalistic theme, it can also bring a bit of turmoil to the table. When it comes to displaying your projects, you can pick between randomized order and size, two-row blocks or three rows. Pretty amazing, right?

Blog On

The one thing we can honestly say we are incredibly proud of is the blog section.

With the photos displayed on the left and text on the right, it’s the perfect combination of a minimalistic yet so stylish blog section. Check out the demo to see what we mean.

Why Themes Kingdom team loves it: There are numerous ways in which you can style typography in this theme 一 you can pick from 800+ Google fonts. We have seen fantastic sites built using this theme that showed just how much typography plays a role in the website design.

The Gold Medal Goes to Eris

And finally, the first place goes to Eris, the theme we like to call “organized chaos”.

What makes Eris so unique and why did it end up in the first place of our best sellers for 2018?

Well, Eris’ way of arranging your content is not typical, and this theme definitely does not play by the rules.

When you first take a look at it, you’ll notice that the design of the homepage resembles a child’s toys thrown on the floor. No classification, no structure. But, in fact, we made sure your photos and text are perfectly balanced and designed to attract a user’s eye.

Eris Allows You to Show Off

As with the previously mentioned themes, Eris also gives you options to customize it completely. This time you can choose between two menu styles 一 the regular and the hidden one.

Now, since this is a blog or a portfolio theme, we wanted your storytelling to be on point. We wanted you to have the chance to present your work in the best light possible.

So, let’s say you want to display your photos, your work, and you want to add text to follow the images. Why shouldn’t you show off a bit? But, the only question there is to answer is how you are going to combine these two types of content to make sure your visitor gets the most out it and finds the whole post attractive.

To do so, we gave you three options. You can choose between classic, curtain or a split layout. Our fave is the split one, which allows you to separate images on one side and text on the other. If you are not sure what we mean, check out the blog section in the demo.

Why Themes Kingdom team loves it: We are in love with that hover option on the homepage and the hidden sidebar behind the screen’s right edge. It’s always the little things in life.

Thank You!

In the end, we wanted to use this opportunity to thank you. All of you!

Without you, there would be no themes, no motivation to improve the current ones and no drive to work on the new ones. So, thank you for all your support and for trusting us all these years.

You da real MVPs.

To show our appreciation, we have an announcement to make 一 Themes Kingdom is going to release a new theme in February, so be sure to stay tuned.

Until then, you know we love you.

Themes Kingdom team