ErisShop – Same Soul, New Style

This shop-infused design is the perfect place to start for any store owners who want a more dramatic and stylish looking WordPress design. Easy to work with on the back-end and spectacularly easy to look at from the customer’ point of view, this is the perfect infusion of both styles.

With the rich aesthetic soul that was ripping out of Eris WordPress theme now delivered via Eris Shop, users can enjoy a whole new style of website. It’s got the facilities and features needed to really charge up and empower your WooCommerce store. Without the same limitations as your competitors, you can begin to really make a positive impression with this new layout.

A change of look can often be the catalyst to a massive upsurge in new business. With Eris Shop Premium WordPress Theme, you can enjoy the unique power of the soul it delivers, all in a rich and engrossing style that really captures one’ attention.

The Key Features

– A high quality slider that allows for easy and effective display of photos of your best and greatest products. Delivered in full-screen, this makes it super-simple to create the perfect sales pitch.

– Get people interested and excited to make a purchase with a well-placed Call to Action design that sticks out and really encourages the user to hit that ‘Buy Now’ button on that product!

– Show off your best products in the Archive section, choosing from the Latest Additions to the Top Sellers. Show off your best product options and get ideas swirling in the mind!

– Easy to use and modern sales cart that’s easy to work with and piece together for your customers pleasure.

– A rich aesthetic design that can easily be adjusted with over 800 typefaces and numerous color designs to fit you own theme.

And much more!

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    1. Hello, hope everything is up and running by now. If you have more questions please feel free to ask.


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