On this day, March 7th, precisely one year ago, we released Eris Shop, a WooCommerce enriched premium WordPress theme based on an impeccable Eris design.

Our baby is now one year old, and it’s time we celebrate it properly. (You already know we have a present for you!)

If this is your first time hearing about Eris Shop, it’s time you get to know this beauty.

Why Did We Decide to Make Eris Shop?

Making Eris Shop seemed like a logical move since users loved the elegance and grace we included in Eris, our no. 1 selling theme for 2018.

Is that the only reason why users “fell for” Eris?

As you might have read in the post in which we announced working on Eris, this blog/portfolio theme was named after the Greek goddess of chaos and strife. That is why we wanted to make an out-of-the-box design that will be a combination of frenzy and spectacular mythical beauty.

So, our answer to this question would be that they simply loved the fact that Eris doesn’t play by the rules but offers a sleek and stylish way for users to manage blog posts and showcase their work.

What Makes Eris Shop So Desirable?

If you really want to know what makes this breathtaking theme so attractive, we would advise you to check the Eris Shop demo. You just have to see it for yourself!

We can only try to portray what this e-commerce theme has to offer.

That being said, let’s start by mentioning the homepage.

The first thing you’ll see on the Eris Shop homepage is a flawlessly designed slider that allows you to display the photos of your (best-selling or best designed) products. We made sure to add a slider that covers the whole screen so you can catch your potential buyers’ attention immediately.

Once you scroll down a little bit, you’ll notice a section with photos, known as the Archive section. Once you hover over the products in the Archive, you’ll see a stunning change in the product photo and a call to action “Add to cart” appearing under the product image. After this section, we made sure to add another call to action users won’t be able to miss.

However, the real beauty hides in the Shop page 一 a heart-stopping three-column design will allow each of your products to shine bright like a diamond.

Additionally, we included the Blog page, which has a recognizable Eris manner.

In case you are worried about the design of your website, fear not 一 we included a range of 800 typefaces and numerous color designs.

Let’s Celebrate Together

If Eris Shop won you over just by reading this post, celebrate the 1st anniversary (and International Women’s Day 🌹) with us!

We have prepared for you a discount code, with the fantastic 30% off. Just use the code “erisshop19” at checkout and save 30% on Eris Shop until March 11.

To remind you, Eris is available as a single purchase, and as part of our annual and lifetime subscriptions.