New theme available: Deppo

Deppo is the brand new addition to our theme depository. Get it? Deppo… depository…? Excellent wordplay here. Deppo is a clean, elegant, and hardworking portfolio theme. Import your best work, and you can create a wonderful display of it. Available immediately for purchase, as well as download for our subscribers (go to your downloads to […]

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Now available: Reinform

Reinform is the latest addition to our theme collection. The name Reinform means :to form anew :invest again with form. And we hope it will inspire you to make new things with stylish form (and useful function!). Launch Sale Get Reinform at 20% off! Use code “reinform20” at checkout. Ends 5th of October.

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What is Clickbait? A shocking investigation

Clickbait is garbage fire. And it’s also all our collective fault. Media companies, news sites and basically the entire Internet have been reduced to clickbait titles like “19 flavoured mojitos you never knew you needed.” Hollow articles without any substance that exist only to show you ads on your journey to see that youtube clip of […]

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