We’ve just published our most delicious theme for WordPress yet. It’s called Aperitive and it’s as tasty as blueberry pie. Perfect for chefs, critics, and food lovers all around.

What makes Aperitive so great:

Aperitive is designed to show you what you’re eating on the left, and tell you what it is on the right. It couples content with images in a fresh and appetizing new way.

Buttery smooth animations
When you explore Aperitive and switch between menus and certain other places, you’ll be switcher over by a lovely fade effect.

Neat and tidy
Aperitive let’s you put your work, or your restaurant’s menu, front and centre. Every dish and its article is easy to read and easy on the eyes, too.

Aperitive is fantastic for visuals. Upload your photos and let them complement your content in a big, beautiful way.

Check Aperitive WordPress Theme