Kill your popups or be damned by Google

Does your website use a huge popup asking for people to sign up for your newsletter? Well, Google’s not a fan. Starting 10 January, 2017, Google will begin to penalize websites with intrusive popups and interstitials. What’s an interstitial? It’s basally a popup that doesn’t let you see a website until you tap the close […]

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Pre-order your .Blog domain!

Automattic, the people people behind, WooCommerce,  and more, recently won the rights to the .blog domain last year. It wasn’t cheap, either: they spent about $19 million to secure the domain. Hopefully, people will be interested enough to buy .blog web addresses to offset the price. This is a pretty big deal because there […]

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Why the hamburger menu is killing your business

The hamburger menu is the three stripes you see in the upper corners of a website. It was inspired by mobile design patterns, where screen space is small (or rather used to be small before phablets showed up). You can’t put too many navigation links on a mobile site, so a new trend birthed itself from this problem: hide the navigation links under a menu. This menu was often designed as the, now notorious, hamburger icon.

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