WordPress Themes for Ecommerce

It is an established fact that online sales are where growth is continuous. Online sale have been growing continuously from the get go, even in times of recession, and in times of economic boom they’ve grown faster than traditional sales Additionally, the web influences almost 50% of our purchases – more and more people are […]

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Hard Choices: WordPress vs Joomla

WordPress is great. Joomla is great. But which is the greatest for you? Let’s find out. Here’s how you’ll benefit from WordPress: – It’s beginner friendly. – Plugins – Themes – Community of developers – eCommerce or shops – Free WordPress powers about a third of the entire internet. It’s as popular as it gets. […]

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WordPress Themes for Portfolios

What makes a portfolio stand out? How does it stick around for more exposure time? Why is workplace diversity such a difficult issue to tackle? Glad you asked. We’re going to talk about the first two questions (the third one I’ll leave for later). When you want to make a portfolio you can make a […]

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