Now selling: Ippo Shop

The #1 request we received in 2016 was to create an ecommerce version of our Ippo theme. We’re giddy with delight to close out 2016 with a bang: may we present, Ippo Shop! Ippo Shop’s based on the same effortless aesthetic of Ippo. But it adds full WooCommerce compatibility. We didn’t just slap some paint […]

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A delicious new theme: Aperitive

We’ve just published our most delicious theme for WordPress yet. It’s called Aperitive and it’s as tasty as blueberry pie. Perfect for chefs, critics, and food lovers all around. What makes Aperitive so great: 50/50 Aperitive is designed to show you what you’re eating on the left, and tell you what it is on the […]

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Kill your popups or be damned by Google

Does your website use a huge popup asking for people to sign up for your newsletter? Well, Google’s not a fan. Starting 10 January, 2017, Google will begin to penalize websites with intrusive popups and interstitials. What’s an interstitial? It’s basally a popup that doesn’t let you see a website until you tap the close […]

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