Now available: Frequency

A creative portfolio theme for WordPress, Frequency is as stylish as it gets. Bonus points for: horizontal layout that works with mouse scrolling and finger swiping bespoke design of single layouts (your regular posts) neat tricks to make your text pop with dropcaps, emphasis text and more images and other content are front and center […]

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Trigger your customers – the good way

Trigger based is a term for emails sent automatically to subscribers after an action they have undertaken or after any trigger you determine, such as a subscription anniversary or the subscriber’s birthday. This goes a long way towards making your customers feel valued and ultimately can make a huge difference for your sales. A trigger […]

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Make you customers fall madly in love with you

Hey, are you doing e-commerce? Or is your business web-based, or something equally intangible? Yes, that is nothing unusual today, we are all hyper-connected and conducting our day to day business and out business in increasingly detached ways. But evolution does not catch up that quickly, and deep down we are all – well, most […]

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